Retail Fit out – 5 Tips for a successful Fitout.

Retail fitouts tips are provided by Rion to help you plan your fitout. Rion provides a complete service delivering high quality refurbishment or fitout of your retail premises whilst meeting the exacting standards that you expect.
Rion will work with you to reflect and reinforce your brand, drive and accentuate your customer experience and set you apart from your competition.

We have market leading experts in the field of design and refurbishment within the retail fitout industry.
Our mission is to enhance and unveil the hidden character and personality of tired or outmoded shops bars and restaurants, transforming them from a cost to your business into a true investment.

If you are thinking of  renewing or opening a new business, we have included 5 tips for your Retail fitout.

1. Plan for removal or update in future.

While most fitouts are planned for extended use. In many cases adjusted and refurbished over time.
However, Many shopping complexes and retail brands require their retail fitout to be redone every several years. This shouod be part of the planning when the retail fitout design and construction takes place. Removing or updating the retail fitout can be costly, planning the exit strategy can decrease the overall cost per year of the retail fitout.

Rion designers and fitout contractors are specialist in ensuring you get a great design and overall durability. Yet incorporate an upgrade or an exit strategy. 

2. Match the overall concept of the center.

Retail fitout can include many parties. You need to understand and plan your fitout to include the relationship between your requirement and the landlords.
Because many centers and have their own design requirments beyond your Brand requirments you need to work hard to meet the commercial and design objectives of the varied parties while working on the retail fitout. 

The plan needs to include minimal disruption to trading throughout the project and seek dialogue with all stakeholders from the inception to completion to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

you should not lose sight of one key fact you need to beware of ill-conceived stores, that make it difficult identify your brand due to the needs of the center design.

Rion will discuss everything within the team and work on how we might improve it. We are happy to share our findings when discussing your fitout ideas.


3. Customer interaction with the retail fit out.

Your retail fitout should  reinforce your brand, reinforce  and improve  your customer experience to be able to you apart from your competition.
Your fit out should be an asset in every sense of the word, so you need to make sure you design it to take advantage of its full potential.
You need to plan your retail fit out to encourage shoppers to enter.
The fitout needs a flow towards higher priced items and to retain high traffic, within your store.
From research we found  the right hand side of a store is the most lucrative, as shoppers tend to turn right when they first enter a shop.

So include some of this data in  your design and have your best and most enticing displays on the right hand side of your store. Create a enticing pathway to expose them to as many of your products as possible.
With the laws regarding handicapped shoppers make sure that the aisles are wide enough for wheelchairs and for shoppers to walk through in comfort. Don’t forget to make it easy for parents with strollers  to navigate your store.

Careful planning should be  around one of the more annoying retail fitout designs, the lack of counter space at the checkout.
Trying to juggle handbags, shopping bags and young children at the register can be made a whole lot easier if there is enough counter space to place their bags while they find their credit cards.  As your customers wander along the path you have made for them, add interesting displays or product information, discount signs etc., with the aim of slowing their journey towards the exit.

We have also found the addition of seating around the shop if there is room, also helps to slow their progress.

Rion has worked on many retail fit outs and will work closely with your plans suggesting flows that enhance your customer experience.

4. Difficulties with access.

When planning your fitout ensure you make provision for difficulties with access. If you are in a center make allowances for having to bring materials through a non traffic area. You may also need to allow for protection to existing surfaces and access places. 
Rion jhas vast experience working on difficult sites with access that vcan be severly restricted. We offer suggestions and discuss all the difficulties with you during the planning stage.

5. Out of hours work.

Ensure you check all the conditions of the center or fitout area to find out the requirements for work hours.
Many centers that are in operation require all work to be carried done out of hours. This can have a very big impact on not just your budget but also on the program needed to complete the retail fitout.

If out of hours work is necessary in some cases more off site preparation may reduce the budget and the program time.

Rion has completed many out of hours projects. We will make allowances in the design and planning. We also ensure we use retail fit out contractors that are experienced with out of hours work.

Rions in house design team bringing your retail fit out to reality.

Rion is driven by one passion…creating beautiful, bespoke retail fit out for you and your customers.
Rions interior design specialists, recognise continuing growth in online shopping, it is more important than ever that stores are designed to engage shoppers and optimise their shopping experience.

Rion understands it is essential ingredience in running a successful business, that your premises, your biggest asset, is kept in pristine condition.
Working with Rion, we provide a freshly refurbished fitout that is revitalised, making it more attractive to your customers. With the added advantage of enhancing the workplace for your staff to help your business to prosper. Good employees want to work in quality environments.

Our team of specialists has the experience and knowledge to carry out anything from the simplest to the most complex of projects. All of these are completed to the highest standards, with a minimum of disruption to your business and of course, compliance with current health and safety requirements is a given.