Six years of careful planning and implementation, the QVB Building budget of $48 million restoration project cultivated an upgrade that reflects the building’s original design.

The building consists of basement, ground and two main upper floors with additional levels in the end pavilions.


The dominant feature is the great central dome of 62 feet in diameter and 196 feet from ground to top of cupola and is sheeted externally in copper, as are the 20 smaller domes

There are in fact two domes in one – a stained glass inner dome visible from the shopping arcade floors inside, and then an outer larger wooden-framed copper-clad dome above it

Internally some historic fabric remains. However due to wide scale destruction in the past the interiors, which were constructed between 1982-1986, are largely an interpretive reconstruction as opposed to an accurate reconstruction.

The interior has been modified with the installation of contemporary shopfronts, new interior signage, a new contemporary internal colour scheme, new internal lighting, BCA compliant glass and metal balustrades, new floor finishes, reconstruction of ground floor steel entrance gates and selective bathroom upgrades.

The recent conservation and refurbishment approach has aimed to clarify the legibility between historic fabric and new fabric.

The team was responsible for resurrecting the QVB’s heritage values and architectural design, which included highlighting the QVB’s magnificent columns, few original internal features remained such as some column capitals, trachyte stairs and some tessellated tiles surfaces. The present interiors of the building demonstrate a grand Victorian style arcade with considerable concessions made to ensure the place was commercially viable as an ongoing retail shopping centre. 

Our company was chosen to perform the repairs and restoration of the most difficult trades required to maintain the originality of this great Iconic heritage Building. We were chosen the restoration and new work of all the cement render and also for the restoration of the ornate plaster work and the new plaster required.

We simply were chosen due to our reputation of delivery on time and on budget but more importantly we were chosen for our expert tradesmen in both plaster trades, the solid plaster cement render skills, the fibrous plaster and mould making skills for ornate work and our manufacturing abilities.

The dominant features that our team created can be seen on every level and on every plaster surface of ceilings, walls, columns, capitals, bases and of course all the magnificent arches forming the great feature on every floor of this beautiful Building.