Palisade Hotel was first built in 1880 beside the stake palisade fence in the street. In 1912 the current structure was built by the Sydney Harbor Trust intended for the port workers and local community. Palisade lay dormant closed from 2008 until October 2015.



The restoration cost $5 million


The clients brief was to restore the Palisade back to its original glory preserving the heritage value but also get inspired by the people who will be coming to use the space and relive history, the offerings at the venue and the space itself…being a landmark building preserve its social and scientific values.

Meticulous care to preserve internal heritage hardware be juxtaposed with unique interior products so that spaces were themed and presented a story.


There were no original plans or engineering information and a drone was deployed to navigate and draft the floor plans and elevations.

Running years of neglect and poor building maintenance, the Palisade was plagued with serious non-compliant BCA and engineering issues that had to be resolved and rectified on point. Existing timber floor structure had no fire protection and mitigated measures had to be implemented to satisfy BCA compliance and Heritage significance.


Unmasking a myriad of existing building defects and unconventional building methods, our team engaged directly with the engineers and BCA experts to resolve and find solutions during construction. An invasive investigation and construction method was procured to complete the scope of works concurrent with numerous early morning site meetings so that the team was well informed to proceed.